Wednesday, September 13, 2006

yet another day in my life :)

Today was one of those days when one wonders where life is taking him. Woke up late and missed the first session of an extremely interesting class. And the day wore on…
Due to the extreme deprivation of sleep, I was drowsy.

Lunch…well, it was good. Though the dinner sucked. As the wise ones have said: do not trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. And I didn’t. well, let me think…what else did I do? No…it’s not the lack of work…more like the excess of it. Yeah, I remembered. I wrote down a few concepts for the print advertisements that I have to make for my portfolio. Have I mentioned what the portfolio is? No? ok, here it goes:

It’s not a book filled with ones pictures as in case of models. It’s this collection that showcases the talent and work of the person to whom it belongs. My bread and butter…and definitely the jam…..and boiled eggs…and corn flakes…and coffee….and whole lot of other things depend on it because this is the collection of documents that will get me a job! So for that, my friend, I have to CREATE concepts and ideas and even before I do all THAT, I have to think of the brands that I want to work on ☺

Presently I am thinking of working on a coffin maker. Naah, I am not an undertaker or anything…just that it’s something that one wouldn’t think of, off hand. But yes, the idea of SELLING death can be quite scary…then again…it will give me a chance to WRITE.
Looking up for coffin manufacturers is quite and arduous task. Though the facts I found were interesting! For now, I will just call it a DEATH WISH type of coffins. I mean, coffins are sometimes SO expensive!! What’s the point? I person sleeping in it is dead and gone anyway. The corpse doesn’t feel a thing! Instead the money could be used elsewhere! Ok, now I am getting there and getting all preachy! Hence, I shall let this topic rest for now.

Oh, yes, something else also happened. Someone very special called. I had sent a little gift and it reached today. And I got a message, which suddenly acted like that grey silver border that a cloud has when the Sun goes behind it. Understand? Good. Then that person called and I, being me and busy in work, missed it. Thus, I called back. And it was very very nice to speak to that person. For all those in doubt, yes it was a girl, a female human being because I am heterosexual. But now then, the term special here has a different connotation. A very dear friend (though I wish it was much more) and someone who knows me very well.

Rest of the day went by normally, burdened with an overdose of work. And I am pissed with this clock that these people on blogspot have. Hello?? Hey there, Mr. Administrator,
can you hear me?? Knock knock…. Change the setting of this freaky, insane, misguiding clock!! I post an entry on Monday and it shows Sunday! Even the time is weird….
Do something will you now??

See, this is the problem. I thought I will keep this post real short and sweet but once I started writing, I didn’t even realize how much I typed! I am typing this on a MS Word document and when I scroll up now, Holy Christ, it’s one full page!! Sweet, it is even now, but the length has gone up!! Hope you had the patience to stand the ordeal! Ok…now I am sure I am going whacko in the head because if you are reading this line then you definitely have withstood the rest of it before this line!!!

Anyway…now I am off…FOR NOW! Hoping for a better day tomorrow.