Saturday, September 23, 2006

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I am back. With no vengeance, though!! This one will be long but hopefully more interesing than the mundane stuff I have been writing about.

Today was a long day. And considering that one of my campaigns got approved, it wasn’t bad either! I finally got a haircut today, after almost two months!! Yikes, that’s LONG!! I mean, time-wise. Now, guess what the haircut has done to me? It has made me look HUMAN again! Or else, I looked more like an ape! So much so that I wouldn’t have been surprised if one of the many monkeys on our campus took me to be one of their clan!

Now, talking of looks, I was talking to this friend of mine to whom I mentioned that I stand 6 feet and 2 inches above sea level. She said that it was a good height. Now, what I fail to understand is…what’s GOOD or BAD about someone’s HEIGHT? I swear to Almighty, I have nothing to do with it. I mean it. For that matter, any physical attribute of a person is a sheer coincidence and nobody should really take credit for it, or discredit either. I know people who look very good and are proud of it. Pray tell me WHY?? Like, for example, I sometimes find my height a little bit of a problem (though most of the times it's an advantage) when I see people sleep peacefully in any of the Indian trains. Because for me, invariably my body, beyond my ankles, sticks out of the berth and people keep brushing against it all the damn time! Specially if it’s the upper berth then that is even more disturbing because the heads of the people walking by keep tickling my soles. Not to mention that I feel like I am BLESSING them all the time ☺
Now, I have a nose that’s a little funny. It is round at the tip. So much so, that I am scared. Scared because if, someday, during one of the FIFA finals, the ball bursts, thanks to all the kicking that it undergoes, these guys will probably chop off my nose to continue the game!! Sheeesh…that will be pretty painful! And I can’t even help it because that’s the way I was manufactured! And my parents didn’t exactly order for a custom made baby. Divine error. The girl that I mentioned earlier, the one who is very close to me, is 5 feet 5 inches. Though, now she is going out with another guy (maybe she didn’t like my nose), when she was with me, it was really nice to hug her (it felt so great). One, because she was a perfect fit for my arms and two, because she was 9 inches shorter. It was the perfect situation when she could actually, pretty literally put her head on my chest and close her eyes. That made the kiss, that followed, very special. Every single time. That made HER very special. Anyway, she has someone else now (blame my nose) so this is besides the point.

Writing is a really good hobby. People have asked me about how I manage to come up with something to write about everyday. The truth is, I just put words to form meaningful (or should I say, hopefully meaningful) sentences and then string those sentences to form cohesive paragraphs! See, my knowledge is really limited and that’s why I can’t really find new topics everyday. It’s all about what life throws up in front of me. I just give words to situations. It’s not the high-end language that’s used; it’s how one uses the language to put thoughts across. Simple, isn’t it? I spoke to the special girl (yes, the same one mentioned above) today and she told me that the thing I have written about the hare and the tortoise in the previous post is actually true. I know it is but for two reasons, it made me laugh. One was that I knew that it was true from personal experience because in our case, I was like the hare and her current guy was like the tortoise because I presumed that I was closer to her and he took her away at the last moment. That too, in one single night of conversing with her! Whoa! And the second reason was because she actually reads my blog (she actually has the time and the inclination to)! Though, I am not complaining because it just proves that at least I can write well! Not just her, there have been quite a few people who have read my posts and told me what they felt. I am happy because it proves that I can attract readers (hopefully). Writing has been a passion with me and if one does anything with passion, it eventually turns out to be good (I would like to believe that the same applies to my writing as well). That’s a personal belief, though. Sometimes, when I look back at the days when I struggled to write one line in this language that I am writing in right now, it feels strange. Till my fifth grade, I sucked at writing (though I had attempted to write a poem when I was in the third grade). And then I went to Scindia Public School, Gwalior. There, we had an essay writing competition. The topic was Friendship (what else can a fifth grade write about anyway) and I participated. I filled two pages. Though I don’t quite remember what I wrote about, I remember having had no hopes of winning because there were guys who were known to be good at writing. I was the underdog. Then came the day of the results and I was hoping against hope that I might just win SOMETHING. Even if it was a consolation prize, it would be consoling. My ears were tuned to catch any sound that remotely resembled my name. they went in an ascending order. First came the consolation prize. Not me. Next was the third prize. Not me again. When my name wasn’t announced even for the second prize, I had given up hopes completely and detuned my ears. Then it happened. My name was announced for the first prize. I was more shocked than happy because I thought that there was some kind of mistake. So remained standing at my place, at the end of the line (yeah I was a little tall even then), till the guy beside me nudged me. Up I went to the dais, with a sheepish smile because by then, my name had been announced thrice already! I took the certificate and the prize, came back and stood where I had been earlier. I was a little dazed even then because I was scared that they may just say it was a mistake and take my gift and certificate back! Was a little shocked too. I mean c’mon, I was just 10 years old and at that age, little things like this matter a lot! I was a kid after all (I still had the round nose though). I remember having read my name at least 20 times on the certificate to let the feeling sink in. Later, the guy who was the favorite competitor came along and made an acid remark that such flashes in the pan were common and it was sheer fluke. He said that once in a while, even the underdogs got to see the face of victory. I took that one remark to heart. And that’s why I am here today. That was the first time I wrote with a passion and there has been no looking back. Initially, it was to beat him in competitions and then I started to love writing. The knack (whatever little I have) was probably God’s gift. And that’s why I say that I was born to write and I shall write my own epitaph. Now, writing has become a passion. Sometimes, there just has to be one catalyst to trigger off that passion for reading, writing, poetry and the like. Anyone who is literate can write. And write well.

Such incidents in life, make life what it eventually becomes. So I shall try sharing more such incidents (if you are not bored with this one already). And as for now, I have written enough (I am at the end of the second page of the word document!) and I shall head back to a little work before the nail hits my head. Come back for more when you have the time. It will be nice (though it might waste a little time).

Till then, take care and be good.


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