Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Slam Bam... :)

The Sun is rising from behind the trees and I have been up like an owl the whole night. Why? I have NO CLUE. Though, it was SUPPOSED to be for work. I am one weirdo am I not?? Ok…I forgot to say hi to all you readers who take the excruciating pain to read that the royal nonsense that I write.

Don’t you dare laugh at this but there has been a time difference of 7 hours between the previous paragraph and this one. Reason? I had fallen ASLEEP. You know, that thing that you do when you lie on the bed (you may choose any other surface as well), with the eyes closed and count sheep?? Yeah, the same time when you dream that your sweetheart is holding your hand and you are wiping the tears and behaving like Scooby Doo does? And then… bang bang bang… something in the head wakes you up and see reality clearly. The sweetheart has gone with someone cuter and sweeter (not to mention BESTEST) and you are all alone! That is a little scary. Yikes. Anyway, before I get into the SHE – SMASHED – MY – HEART mode and ruin this piece, I will take this blog in a different direction because getting into that will screw up my head!

Talking of Scooby Doo, dogs have a real easy life. They have people who want to cuddle them, pet them, feed them, love them and expect zilch because dogs do zilch anyway! Now, look at our Director’s dog Roxy for example. If I haven’t mentioned already then he is this huge, brown and black German Shepherd who eats a kilo and a half of mutton every day, sleeps in the Director’s office (and in our comp lab because both of them have A.C.s), humps any bitch (no I am not swearing, I am talking about biological, female dogs) he feels like and runs around the entire campus at his free will! Whoa, that’s LIFE people. Who says it’s a DOG’S life?? More like… it’s a HUMAN’S life!

Am I going a little insane?? No, I just asked because for no reason, I am talking of lost love (yet again) and the luxury of a dog’s life!! Hmm… this is what too much creative work does to a person’s head. Insanity grows like a fungus until it covers the entire head and then it grows God alone knows where! Thinking and ideating for fun and to kill time is good but when taken up professionally, it’s tough. Very tough. Not to mention frustrating at times. But yes, the joy of cracking an idea gives a different high altogether!

Alright now, have you been able to figure out the second line of “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? No? Then here it goes: “ All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy”. Now, that wasn’t all that tough, was it? And what about the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars? Find out the rest of the poem. I have plenty of such trivia popping up all the time. Did you know that this is a marketing strategy because such trivia keeps readers reading. And if the writer happens to be as sans hope as me then it’s really advisable that the tricks of the trade should be learnt more than the trade itself ☺
See? Good advice isn’t it?

Now, last night, when I was walking around, I was a little pissed because I was fed up of the pretentious concern that people claim to have. People who claim to be very close, very special and say that they will stand by and then the moment they find someone else who is better, they scamper away towards them and suddenly… you are the best and they are the BESTEST (I know that it’s grammatically incorrect but that’s what the person in question claims)!! So, a friend of mine, who had just come around to ask me what to do because she had a little tiff with her loved one and she wanted suggestions (apparently, HE happens to be very similar to ME!) and I ended up screaming at her saying that girls are absolutely insensitive and take pleasure in hurting people watching them suffer and one should never get seriously involved with a girl and lay them and leave them because otherwise they leave anyway. All my pent up ire was being hurled at her (poor girl) and in that huff I kicked the lamp post next to me in full force and the lizard perched atop it (probably waiting for some prey) lost balance and fell on her head, bounced off it, fell on the ground and scurried away to safety! The unreasonable anger just disappeared like a whiff of smoke and I burst out laughing. I then said sorry and told her that she had just caught me on the wrong day. Then it seemed weird that someone who doesn’t even care, actually, affected me, for a second!

Oh! Talking of lizards reminds me that we have a few of these one-foot long garden lizards and also a few families of cobras inhabiting the campus. No, it’s not a jungle that I live in and I am no caveman. This is a pretty state of the art campus. Just that we live in harmony with nature and touch wood (TOUCH THE NEAREST PIECE OF WOOD BEFORE READING FURTHER) it hasn’t affected anyone adversely yet. We have cute and furry squirrels too! And one hedgehog! This hedgehog rolls up into a ball when scared. Then runs to the nearest place of safety. There are brilliant things of human interest here.

I just observed that once I start writing, it’s really difficult to get me to stop! So I shall pull my hands off the keyboard with just one line of advice: when someone writes a testimonial for someone, grammar should be taken care of! After, the language deserves it’s respect shouldn’t it??

I shall now head off to TRY and work. So, when you have more time to kill and look for some entertainment, do drop in! Till then, take good care.



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