Sunday, September 17, 2006

funny funny very funny

Ok people…this is a little weird.

I was about to post an entry last night but dozed off on my keyboard because I was dead tired and had a headache that split my head like an earthquake. The reason is better not stated!

Now, we had the interviews for the prospective juniors. One guy came in a little early. A guy with too much of an attitude and a sharp tongue. Poor guy. Had the most irritating time. And that too, when he didn’t even know if he would be selected or not! One of my friends, Vidit posed as a junior and boy….was it fun or what. I am laughing even as I am writing this. Just doesn’t stop….it was hilarious!! And we were dying to control our laughter. He was made to write his intro and stuff and then he was made to do all weird things. The best part was the Vidit was posing as this prospective junior who knew zilch English and could converse ONLY in Hindi. I brushed up on long lost Hindi vocabulary of mine and was surprised to find that I am still pretty good!
And today, when he discovered the truth, his expressions were worth a look. We just couldn’t stop laughing!

The girls from our batch were playing this game of throw ball, which they lost. And honestly, I haven’t seen a more boring game in my entire life! I wonder who invented THAT game…and even worse…people are interested in playing it!!! AND people cheering. It was insanity. I stayed on for sometime wondering if the Joan of Arcs from our class would win…but they didn’t. Or so I was told ☺
Because I was so bored that I didn’t have the patience to stay back and watch. I was worked a little and while typing the blog I dozed off. Then I dragged my sleepy frame to the room at around 4 in the morning and dropped dead on the bed. At
9 a.m. someone woke me up….
After that, sleep was a distant dream. So I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling. Then got bored so went and took a shower.

The fresh crop for the interview had arrived. There was one girl who looked reasonably good but had a wind tunnel in the head. Really…she had a wind tunnel. ABSOLUT EMPTINESS. No, this is not an ad for absolut that I am thinking of…it’s what she had in her head!!!
The day wore on and more ragging and introductory sessions happened. After a point even that got monotonous. So I went back to work. Then it happened.
The girl who is SO special to me, called me and asked me if I could come online. And since I wasn’t busy, for a change, I said fine. And then we got talking. I was talking to her after a while and was glad to know that she missed me. The talk was good. Then she went offline to watch a movie on her laptop. She is a very good and close friend (I wish it was MUCH MORE) and means a lot to me. I would like to think that I mean a lot to her as well.

Sheesh…I am getting emotional. One sec, let me grab my thoughts and get them back on track….one, two, three….
Yeah. Now they are back on track. So, what was I saying? Oh yes, our lecturer had told me go and talk o him about my portfolio (to find out what a portfolio means, refer to the previous posts) and when I did go to him, he said he was busy and told me to come back on Monday. I felt like jumping at his throat and shoving the ideas down his….(oh I have to control the use of abuses)
Actually I don’t really blame him because Miss Emptiness was between her interview and obviously, nobody wants disturbance during interviews! So that was that. Now I am stuck till Monday. Still, thinking of making my grey cells work a little overtime and get a few things through.

Oh…did I mention that people were scared of our Director’s huge, sweet, harmless, menacing looking German Shepherd?? I didn’t? Well, now I am telling you so don’t you whine and ask me why I hadn’t mentioned this before. Now I did, right? So shut the trap up. Yeah boy…I can swear!!! I am impressed. Wait and let me pat my back. Tap, tap, tap. Done.

Ok, before the dinner time runs out and I have to go hungry since I am broke and before I doze off on the keyboard again, and also before this entire piece (which is so far pretty decently written) gets on your nerves and gets boring, I shall stop writing. Time out. Stop. Oh…the spirit of the copywriter that encompasses my existence is just not ready to let go!!!

But finally, I managed to conquer him. So now I shall stop. And I will be a little more regular at posting my entries and I know dozing off on the keyboard sounds funny but don’t you dare LAUGH AT IT. It was sheer hard work that made me so sleepy.

Now. I am going. I am off…before I finish the second page of the word document that I am working on. Comments?? (make sure they are nice) ☺


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