Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Topsy Turvy

In the world we live,
Everything and everyone is in the right place,
Hence we care a little less,
About a topsy turvy world,
Where people and professions we switched!

What would happen if,
Instead of tragedy and comedy,
Shakespeare took a dig at the theory of relativity,
And Einstein devoted himself,
To penning odes and ballads.

With lyrically written books on physics,
Formulae and theorems on love and romance,
Life would have been,
Pretty fascinating or,
Probably – confusing!

If Edison wrote the Paradise Lost,
And Milton invented the bulb,
Would the outcome of it,
Not be far,
From predicable??

If Hitler bagged the Nobel Peace Prize,
And the Pope,
Commanded the Axis powers,
Then concentration camps would have dissipated,
And Allies, religiously conquered!

If Russel Crowe was into politics,
And George Bush sizzled the screen,
I sometimes wonder,
How would the Academy Awards,
Have been????

Since such a world,
Is going to toss things into insanity,
That is why I think,
It’s been the way it’s been,
Ever since pre history!

Hey.... I know that it's just an ordinary poem but guess the people who read it have liked it. Even if you haven' are allowed to say that you have!! :)


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