Sunday, September 17, 2006

About my al.

Hello and welcome again to my blog. Maybe this one will be a little long. So before you start reading, STATUTORY WARNING: READING CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO MENTAL HEALTH ☺

Now, last night we were ragging the juniors form VMCC (Visual Merchandising and Creative Communication). It was good. A good thing that came out of it was that I realized that I could actually be pretty stern and mean when required!! As it is, the juniors were scared for some bizarre and unknown reason! There was one guy Jaipur, Rajasthan, who had been a mountaineering instructor earlier. In his written introduction, he tried showing off his writing talent a little when he wrote that his city had many forts but sadly, he didn’t OWN any of them. So that was it. I walked up to him and asked him what would he have done with the fort if he owned it. He apparently wanted to make a museum out of the fort. Christ!!! Is that the best use one can put a fort to?!?!?!?!?!
And what’s more….they are museums already! So then…the evil me took over and the creatively devilish me handed him an assignment of drawing a map of the fort that he wanted to own with each and every artifact placed the way he wanted it to be placed. Boy, that is tough! And he has to hand it over to me by tonight. I know…. I know I can be mean at times. Then again, there was this other girl who happened to be a Bengali and I asked to translate an age-old cryptic Bengali sentence to English, which. She obviously COULDN’T do! Hence…. an added assignment. She was ordered to find the translation and write it down. And she was also asked to give ONE sentence with “because” coming in three times continuously. She couldn’t. God…that was bad. I mean I was ashamed myself because being from the same native origin, she couldn’t say a word!!! Alas. Alas.

There was one guy who was being confused deliberately. One of us told him not to budge from the spot he was standing on. And I was telling him to come over to the side so that I could talk to him. Poor guy. He was very confused. After all….who wants to choose between the Devil and the deep sea anyway??? I actually felt bad about all these people but then again….. I will go back to the mean and stern self tonight during the session again. Staying good, nice, sweet and warm is somehow not my cup of tea…or coffee (whichever you prefer)!

We have the jury starting from the 12th next month and I go jittery when I think of it because my work is simply incomparable. Incomparable because there is NO WORK at all! So what will someone compare it with?! Ok…it sounds funny to you does it?? No, it’s NOT. And look at me now! I am sitting here typing a blog. I am a freaking hedgehog! Ok, the second sentence was just to add a rhyming effect. I happen to belong to the species of Homo Erectus, Kingdom- Animalia (I have forgotten the rest of my biology lessons).

And you know what?? I know a fairy. A little, sweet, hopelessly cute and nice fairy. Though she is a little weird at times but then…who isn’t? I have known her for a long time but the fact that she is a fairy was a recent discovery when SLEEP O WEE WILLIE WINKIE told me. I swear she told me. I don’t know anything. The little fairy had gone out for dinner and she didn’t tell me how it was. She should have but then, who says fairies can’t be mean??

Ok, tell me this. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a saying. Do you know the other half of it?? If you don’t, then you are dumb and if ou do then don’t show off. Just tell me. I ALREADY know it. Ok… I will give you an easier one. Give me the second and the third stanzas of the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars.
Actually I have been sitting with my nose and eyes buried in this book that has a lot of trivia and origin of phrases mentioned. I know I know I am not a white ant to be sitting like this buried in a book but then again, I am a COPYwriter! So I am preparing to copy from here ☺

I am BORED. Really bored. And that’s why I am yapping away to glory. And to add to that, I have this real intense poem boiling inside me about the fairy that I spoke about but since you have already been patient enough to actually read this ENTIRE post (that is, if you are reading this line) and hence, I shall spare you the ordeal! See? I am not ALL THAT MEAN. Hahahahaha…
Anyway, that’s besides the point. The main point here is that I am bored. The reason for that is unknown to my humble mortal self. Maybe the One up There knows it. But He/ She isn’t telling me!! I deliberately mentioned both the genders because I really don’t know which one He / She belongs to and I didn’t want to be gender biased!

I know the last few lines I have written are absolutely insane and senseless. And I also know that I don’t know why I am writing this. Oh! This reminds me of my fairy who keeps saying “I don’t know” for every second thing! She will accuse, swear, scream and then when I ask for a logical reason for her screaming, all he can manage to say it that SHE DOESN’T KNOW!! Weird….very weird!

Anyway…before you start pelting stones at the monitor because of the sheer contagious boredom arising from having read this piece of writing, I will sign off.
Stay happy and keep reading this blog. I am sure I will come up with better stuff SOMEDAY!!! ☺


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