Friday, September 29, 2006

The Birthday....description....

Hello yet again. I have completed yet another year on the face of the planet. What’s going to follow in this post is all about what happened! Have patience and read on!!

Needless to say, I was dunked. It was water that appeared white at first glance. Some of the ingredients were phenyl, Horlicks, nail polish and sand. Rest of the ingredients, I am scared to even guess! I was bathed in that and as obvious, everyone else followed suit, though they had the luxury of plain, cold water. In MICA, there is no escaping the dunking. I was stinking by the end of it. Yikes. My hair was sticky and I smelt like a freshly cleaned washroom. And our director’s dog, Roxy, was drenched too! Poor canine was running around for cover. Then the people in the other blocks were woken up and bathed in ice-cold water. Whoa, that’s SOME shock therapy!

Then the party followed to the canteen where a chocolate cake with chocolate flakes and almonds and whipped cream was waiting to be cut open. Just that the knife was a little too small. Hence I came back to my room and took my hunting knife along. Now, THAT’S the way to cut a cake!! Isn’t it?! Anyway, the cake was cut and it was this huge cake (one has to have one when there are 15 people to hog AND they also have to smear it) of which, more than half was on my face and the rest was in people’s mouths. And the cake was not just put on my face; it was very meticulously done. Very meticulously done.
Two people concentrated on my nose, two on my ears and rest just headed straight for the face! By the end of the ordeal, I ended up looking like a clown from Olympic Circus (it’s one of the many circuses I have been to) with a cherry critically embedded in the white icing and pasted on my nose. Rest of my face looked like an African hunter with alternate lines of brown and white. My ears were filled to deafness with cream. Sheesh! Then, the kicking followed. Kicks rained from all eight directions. And where all did it hit me, I don’t even remember. Then I was lifted up in the air (almost 8 feet) and dropped like some washer man washing dirty clothes!!

The first round of drinks then followed. The teetotalers had soft drinks. By then it was 1.30 a.m. The party hadn’t even started yet. Everyone headed to their respective dwelling quarters and changed into dry clothes (nobody wanted to catch a cold, obviously) and I headed straight to the shower. There was something green on the floor there and I am pretty sure, it was one of the ingredients in the water but I didn’t bother (actually didn’t want to) finding out. The cream was, I must admit, very faithful. Just wasn’t coming off! Yikes! Neither was the cherry! Yikes again! Anyway, after close to 20 minutes of struggle, it relented and came off. Standing under the shower, I could see blackish green water flow off. Barf barf. Three rounds of shampoo and four rounds of soap is what it took to get the alien stuff off me. Oof. That was SOME hard work indeed. But as the wise people have said “try and try till you succeed”. And yeah, how did I miss out on this? I have so far shared the shower only with one person and I was missing that girl like crazy in the shower at that time. I remember having cuddled her in the shower when we were in (rather she had cuddled up) because the hot water tap wasn’t working! So. Fantasies came alive. And just then…bang bang! Someone hammered the door asking me to come out because everyone else was there. There, for what? It didn’t strike me for a second because I was a little lost in thinking of her. And could almost see her standing there. With her innocent eyes looking up at me and then closing in ecstasy as I bent down to kiss her. It was exactly what had happened last time. Giving her a bath was an experience that was simply out of the world! Suddenly there was an error in transmission of the visuals. That was because of the continuous hammering. Grudgingly, I stepped out. Looked a little zapped. The drinks and re-living that fantasy were having their effect.

Anyway, by the time I dressed and came out, the music was blaring loud and our own DJ was going the mixing extraordinarily well! There were four kinds of liquor: Whiskey, Vodka, Beer and Rum (dark). There was a toast and after that, it was all flowing! Wow. Initially, people were just grooving and then the dancing fit hit the people. Soon, the lights (which had been arranged) and the floor were serving the purpose they were meant to. Now, here, we luckily have a whole lot of space to dance. Couples and singles…everyone was lost dancing away to glory. Close dance, distant dance, crazy dance and proper dance, all these types were there! The tracks were brilliant and well mixed. So much so that we told the guy that in case he doesn’t do too well in advertising, he could take up DJing as a profession! Interesting suggestion eh? And high that everyone was, wisecracks were coming up from the weirdest of people! Someone came up with “you can also advertise for the place that you’re working at! I was 10 rounds down and my head felt a little light. Then it felt very light by the time I was 15 down. Strangely, I have never had the experience that people call “absolutely sloshed”. Wish I have one of those SOMEDAY. That reminds me, the girl I keep mentioning, she sleeps when she has had a little too much WINE!! I remember because we had gone out for this over night trip and I wanted to make it romantic and stuff (yeah the M&B kind, though I have never read one). She slept half way through! Cute it was. What was even cuter that she slept in my lap. Can never forget it. She looked SO LOVABLE. And the way she held on to me…boy it was beyond description!! Enough about her. Cut.

We saw the Sun rise. It was 6 a.m. and we had run out of liquor. Reluctantly, people went to bed. Some together, some alone (I belonged to the latter category because I chose to) and when I woke up, it was past 2 in the afternoon. Most were still in slumber. Zzzzzzzz.
I pushed my frame out of the bed and freshened up.
Someone had given me this white shirt with blue and grey floral print. It was thought to be very “urban male” kind and I was told to wear it. Actually, my mom had told me to wear something new and that was the only new piece of garment I had! So it was that and my blue denim. Just in case you are interested in seeing what it looked like, then you can check my orkut album. Have a couple of snaps put up.

The guys at the mess cooked up some Chawal Ki Kheer for the evening. Sweet gesture. A little too sweet. No, not the gesture, it was the kheer ☺
Wishes and cards and calls kept pouring in throughout the day. So much so that I actually had to borrow three phones and give out those numbers because my number was jammed with calls! Boy…everyday should be a birthday! Isn’t it?

Finally the 24 hours of the birthday ended and today, since the morning I have been back to slogging and working. This is reality! THIS is! That was a long dream. It has passed.

Ok, I know this description was a little too factual and not like I write generally. This piece was actually ON DEMAND (wow! I already have readers asking for more!) so that’s how it’s here.

More later because I have to head back too work! What a life??! Oh, I forgot to mention: Roxy had a huge piece of cake from my hand last night and has been sleeping throughout the day (not that he doesn’t, otherwise) and even now, he sleeping on the floor, barely three feet away from me. THAT, is life! Sigh…I am human.


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