Monday, September 18, 2006

a small verse

Alright. DO NOT GET FREAKED OUT. I am NOT blogging twice a day. Right now, it’s a different day here. And I am back to writing. Bad news for you folks… I am in this weirdly poetic mood tonight so I shall write a poem. A little sentimental though ☺
So, if you are the kind who will keep your patience, then do read on or else…it was nice of you to have visited my blog!!
Here go my poetic strings:

Knight, Princess, Soldier

Not so long go there was,
A common foot soldier.
Alas what a fate he had,
In love with the princess he fell!

Within his modest capacity,
All he could, he did,
To show his love to the princess…
Just to get one fleeting glance.

Verses he penned,
In honor of the princess,
And lay his heart,
Open before her.

First the princess blushed,
Like a red rose in full bloom.
Then she chuckled at the thought,
An ode to her from a mere soldier.

She pretended to have read it,
And said it was warm and moving…
But the moment the soldier went out of sight,
She tossed the paper into a dark corner!

There it lay and gathered dust,
While the foolish soldier,
Thought in his foolishness,
That he had won the princess’ heart.

Attention, the princess liked,
And hence she liked the soldier.
But when she had to choose someone for herself,
The knight was the chosen one.

Shy felt the princess,
To accept the mere soldier’s love,
But with the knight,
Everything she could have.
The love for the knight,
Was true, maybe.
But the soldier’s love,
Never was a thing to notice!

To write a verse for her,
The princess told the knight.
And the knight penned a small ode,
To princess’ beauty and charm.

Then one day….
The poem was read by the soldier.
Little tears rolled down when reality hit him,
And he wowed never to write for a princess again.

Liked it? Yeah yeah I know it wasn’t all that great but then I have written it and considering the fact that it’s late in the night, you better say it was good! And people reading this, please give me relevant comments about the piece.
I really have no clue as to why am I writing something sad and so upsetting again. Maybe the work and the pressure are getting on to me.

Another sessions of ragging took place earlier tonight. It was real fun to see the juniors dressed in the prescribed dress code ☺
More later.



Anonymous said...

it was nice but doesn't seem that a person like you has written it... :p

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