Sunday, October 01, 2006

A little note...

With every approaching dawn,
Life moves on,
Adding a new page everyday,
To the existence.

There are days,
Which are bright and sunny,
And then again,
There are the ones that are cloudy.

There are days which,
Have celebrations in them,
And then there are ones that,
Make life look so lonely.

Sometimes, there are moments,
Moments when I just want to walk on the beach,
Holding someone I live to die for,
But I know…she isn’t here for me…

Some are the days, when.
Life is on a high and,
On others, it’s submerged,
Beneath unfathomable gloom.

These moments and days,
Make up one’s existence,
That spans across years…decades!
And every moment of it adds meaning.

Something is learnt, from every passing day,
Good, bad, ugly; be what it may.
It’s just that when it’s cloudy, one prays for sunlight,
And on the days of scorching heat, one prays for a drizzle.

To live and to exist, are not the same thing,
There is an unwritten difference,
A difference that is to be felt,
It’s there to be understood.

Till now, I have just existed,
Now I want to live.
Just one question, I have to ask you…
Will you hold my hand when I seek it in the dark?

Hey people…
Hello. I have been missing for the past one day. Yeah, I didn’t have the time to write. I was, let’s just say, a little preoccupied. Tell me, did you like the piece above? Just wrote it sitting here on the computer. Actually, I was thinking of someone and missing the person a lot. And for me, the best way to express is to write! Hence I did. It’s just a little piece that came in from the heart. Words arranged themselves into cohesive sentences and the poem formed itself.

Sometimes, it’s really strange. Strange to the point of being scary! Spontaneity plays and writing happens by itself. And at other times, even taxing the all controlling brain doesn’t get results. Strange are the ways of human creativity. Isn’t it?
Now, why am I sitting here and typing out this post when I should be sitting on this damned (no, it’s actually pretty good) machine working? I don’t know. I just simply DON’T!

I am a little strange…a little whacko, maybe (not that I didn’t know it earlier) but I sometimes feel like jumping from one topic to another. Now, suddenly, I feel like talking about static electricity. Yikes! I am going to be a copywriter and if I keep jumping topics like this…I will be thrown out of my job! What will happen then? Scratch…wonder…scratch…scratch…(this is the sound of me, thinking)! Now, I come back to topic (yes, I know I said that I am a little whacko…but I am not deranged!) of static electricity. Now, I presume you know what static electricity is and if you DON’T then go back to your schoolbooks!

Someone here tapped someone else on the shoulder and apparently got a mild shock. Now, what’s so strange about THAT?? It has happened to me plenty of times that I just brush against someone and got a mild shock! It’s purely because of static electricity (whoa…I am electrifying…is something that people will think, maybe) and it’s the same principle that works when one rubs a comb or scale on the hair or woolen fabric and picks up pieces of paper with it ☺
It’s THAT simple! Hmm…now that makes me think. Lights. Camera. ACTION! I am thinking and before I lose my chain of thought, I shall run to compose it properly. I know I am abstract and all that but I will, someday, have a job to keep…
So, just practicing from now on.
Keep dropping in once in a while to check up on these nutcase’s posts. Maybe I will eventually come up with good pieces of literature. Till I do, help me upgrade my writing by bringing in your comments (just don’t make them TOO bad)!

Till next time then…


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