Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When it rains cats and dogs…

Of late, it’s been pouring in this city. May be very soon, Delhi will be in competition with Venice. Anyway, that’s for later. Right now, let me talk of what’s more immediate.

First of all, it reminds me of little T. But coming to think of it, what doesn’t? So I shall not get into that either. So the question is, what on earth do I want to get into in this post? Good question. Read on…

Let me begin with the weather. It is the perfect setting for a steaming hot flask full of strong coffee with baked or fried snacks, dim lights, an engrossing book and soft music. Sounds like a utopian world, doesn’t it? I know. But then there is more to this utopia than meets the eye.

To begin with, when it rains this heavily, visibility is reduces almost to half and with traffic like Delhi, you better make sure your insurance policy is in place before you step out. The other thing is that bacteria grows in the rainy season and hence the garbage dumps give out an amazing fragrance that the human mind is not evolved enough to appreciate! Third, cars zooming past may, in perfect coordination with the puddles on the road, spray you with colours that will never fade from those wonderful clothes. Good idea. Next time when I have to colour my white shirt “earthy brown” I will simply wear it and stand next to a puddle in the rain. Yet another thing is that we all know water to be a force to reckon with. When it can cut through rocks, how do these man made roads stand before the rain? Result; bikes skid, cycles topple and cars fail to brake! And I almost forgot that the muck around can actually make you feel like you walking on a piece of soggy cake.

So much for criticism. Allow me to now get a little romantic. Little droplets of rain pattering away at the window panes, the Sun enveloped by the clouds and symphony played by the rain drops crashing against solid surfaces deepen the roots of laziness in a person. And if you have the right company, which idiot will want to step out? The smell of the wet earth and the greenery around are so intoxicating that there is every chance that a person just remains frozen for a while. After a shower, everything looks so washed and renewed!

Watching the kids play and splash in the rain while setting paper boats afloat gives me a feeling of déjà vu. Amidst all this, wonderful aroma rises from some kitchen and carried by the wet wind to my doorstep. Sometimes, I just feel like running out in the rain like the good old days. But I am stuck with work in office! Damn.

There are little earthen bowls placed on the terrace that collects the water during rains and later, birds that perch on the terrace drink out of those bowls. Rains are known to be all the more enticing to people in love. No wonder I am missing little T.

Oh!! The rains just got heavy again…and after having written all this about the rain, I just can’t sit here and not go and get drenched! So I am off. And considering it’s almost 3 at night, if you find this post a tad bit weird, dismiss it as a figment of imagination of an insane mind.



Anonymous said...

lagi aaj saawan ki...


Swati Seth said...

Really like the post.
Not only because it is well written...:) but also because I Love the Rain. :)

Whats in a name.......... said...

a very vivid and beautiful description of the rain, i love the smell of the earth wen little drops fall on its parched surface too!!
abt the white shirt, hmm, have had the experience!!!the unwanted "earthy brown" just wud'nt go man!!!

Wizard OfCourse said...

@rocket: lagi lagi...zor se lagi... :P
@swati: guess what?? i love rains too! same pinch. hehe...
what do you like the most about rains??

@wian: thank you thank you. you're always full of praises for me :)
if i ever write a book you shall get the second autographed copy :D
hehe....so you have successfully turned white into earthy brown huh?? i almost did that today!! almost...
but how did you manage it??

Anonymous said...

idiot don't ask me to comment on your blog again.

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