Monday, March 17, 2008

reasons to blog

A blog. What is it? Is it an online diary? Is it a medium to let out surplus creativity? Is it an attempt at promoting one’s writing skills?

Such questions kept popping up in my mind due to the excessive time I had at hand to kill. For me, it is a little of all of the above but mostly it is a platform to write. Just that. If I have something that comes to my mind and I want to let it out through poetry or prose, I know what to do. People read it. Some may like it and some others may not but when I am putting up a post, that’s not the first thing on my mind. Being a copywriter by profession, I am judged the whole time on the basis of what I write and it is the source of my bread and butter. But when I write my blog, it is for myself. To let out everything that clogs my mind from time to time.

I have come across people who write it for a specific purpose and seek to accomplish something through it. And I have also come across people who’re like me. Little T is one of those. Then there are those who use their blog as a medium to earn a little extra cash. And those who make their blog a personal diary.

Honestly, I know this isn’t one of my best posts and I don’t even know why I am writing this. Maybe because I just felt like it. Anyway, I will not drag it too long. Whatever be the reason, writing serves as an excellent medium to let out everything that’s pent up inside.

So to all those who put up their posts without any particular purpose and without the fear of being judged, welcome to the club. Keep the good work flowing in. that, by the way, reminds me that of all the writers I have come across, little T stand head and shoulders above the rest. Abstract as it may sound sometimes, her posts have a much deeper meaning and she’s an excellent writer. Besides being my constant inspiration, she herself has an amazing ability to put things across rather simply. What can I say, it just one of the many things that make me love her so much. I look forward to reading her posts everyday…

You’re the best, princess. May everything nice happen to you.



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