Friday, September 14, 2007

Little T and Me...

Ok. Ground rules before you start reading this piece.
• You will not ask me for any names because I shall not give them to you.
• If you do have any comments to give, then please refrain because it is exclusively for her and she can choose to post her comments here on tell me over the phone. Just her.

Ok then…now I proceed with it…

The year was 2005 and I was a part of a team which had organized a seminar. She was there and that was the first time I met her. First impression: nice girl and really sweet! We started speaking on the phone and met a couple of times. She was seeing someone and so was I. So friendship was what it was. Then, because of the changes in the phone numbers, we lost touch. Regained it again after a couple of months and then lost it again. Suddenly, one day while browsing through a social networking website, sometime in September last year, something within me made me look for her. A guess what? She was there! So conversations and contact resumed and since then it has been pretty constant.

I had started working in the meanwhile and last April, she came down to the city for a brief holiday. We met for a couple of times. To be precise, three times. I realized she was beautiful. And different from most of the women I had come across. Soft, sensitive, childish, playful, mature, sensible, independent, lovable, genuine and innocent. She was untouched by the grime around. Fresh…clean and with eyes that sparkled with mischief. She was adorable.

I could feel myself get drawn to her but I could say nothing for more reasons than one. So I didn’t. But as luck would have it, today the situation is this: she is single, I have asked her out and she is unsure of accepting it. A little scared maybe and maybe she can’t muster the courage to take a chance and be hurt again. But it is this very tenderness of hers which makes her so adorable and endearing. I have called her the little princess, the angel and a host of other names but plainly put…she is amazing.

Now, it is 2007. Things with her feel perfect. They seem just right and she’s my little lucky mascot. When someone praises her, I feel elated. Like someone has said it to me and when she is crying…I feel like flying down to her to just hold her and tell her I will be there for her forever.

I want to be there for her all the time and prevent any occasion that makes a single tear drop from her eyes. She has beautiful eyes. It is now that I realize that I had been living an incomplete life all this while and her presence in it will make it so complete. So long as I have her in my life…I can stand and face anything because she is my biggest strength. I know her for what she is and she knows me for what I am and that I think makes things better because is cuts out the pretences. I have been craving to hear the magical sound of that one word…YES!

She has her reasons to delay her answer and I understand that completely but sometimes, in spite of realizing that the reason is logical, one feels a little impatient. That is the case here I guess. So little choice do I have other than wait. Which I will because compared to the entire lifetime, this wait seems really small.

I am waiting little T…I am waiting.


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