Friday, August 24, 2007

White lies and half truths

In the world, there are three kinds of facts. The usual black, white and grey.

Let me start with the first one. It is called the truth and it dwells on the extreme white end of the spectrum. It is all about presenting facts without any changes. Though the easiest to remember, sometimes it gets a little drab because it does not add any spice to life. And hence, very few people across the world stick to it.

Then again, on the other end of the spectrum, the black end, are lies. Complete fabrications coming to play. Lying (like most other things which are black) is interesting because it gives an outlet to fragments of creativity which inhabit your system. But as wise people will tell you, it is not a good habit to lie because it destroys your ability to be truthful.

Somewhere between these two extremes, in the grey area, lies what we call “white lies” or “half truth”. When on one hand complete truth sounds angelic and divine and outright lies sound devilish and bad, “white lies” sound human. That is one reason I guess we humans relate to it so effortlessly. Now, the question is what on earth are “white lies”?
It is the perfect genetic hybrid between truth and a lie. It is fascinating, interesting and creative and gets much closer to complete truth than a lie ever can! It is an art. An art that reaches perfection only with constant practice. Just “white lies” are different and “white lies” with finesse is a totally different ball game. They are fondly referred to as HALF TRUTH. That name sounds so much nicer and suddenly adds a degree of credibility and legitimacy to it. But essentially, they are both the same!

For the benefit of the people who are not really able to comprehend what I am rambling on about, let me give you an example…
If my mom calls me at one in the night and asks me if I am home, I may say yes. But that essentially does not mean I am at my place! I may even be at my friend’s place…which is also someone's home! See?? THAT is the difference. And that statement was an example. It is NOT to be taken literally.

The best part is…one always can come up with a logical defence for “white lies”! It is foolproof!
Over the years, I have known many people who excel at the art of getting away with “white lies”. Trust me, they are masters of this fine art. Though I have to agree, that sometimes, it is essential. Coming to think of it, I as an individual do not really have much choice. I have to be fluent with this art because it is my bread and butter (and jam, sausages, coffee and biscuits too!). I mean, if I do not convince the consumers then I will starve. That maybe another reason why I am defending “white lies” so much. Another reason is that this particular brand of lies adds to a person’s creativity. It titillates the mind and helps one’s imagination expand manifold.

Whatever written and read, I guess it is the best to be at the middle of the spectrum instead of either ends because being in the grey area ensures that there is a buffer on both sides. All of you who have successfully tried your hand at this art will agree with me in all probability. In retrospect, I think “white lies” have sometimes really helped me get away by the skin of my teeth!
And partly, as I just said a while ago, it is professional.

Go on…indulge. But do so carefully lest you step on the wrong side of the line. Walk the line if you wish to but be cautious so you do not topple!



Shahnaaz said...

seems like honesty is no more the best policy, but then there are those who think they can lie like no other and can make a fool of everyone...if only there was a school to educate people in this art...maybe you can give it a shot...would save us all the trouble of hearing their half lies!!! whatsay? :)

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