Sunday, August 26, 2007

Love spells

(To little t, who makes a lot of difference.)

Take a red rose. Wrap in with a green cotton cloth and take the name of the person you love fifty times. Then put this wrapped up rose under your pillow and keep it there for a fortnight. The person you love will come into your life.

Take a maple leaf (how on earth will I find a maple leaf in this country?!), write the name of the person you love on it and set it on fire. Chant the name of the person love all the while. Rub the ash over his/her photograph. Your love life will get rolling.

Just a couple of examples of such abundant “love spells” one may find on the internet and in books which are readily available. How much do they work? That’s a question I guess most of us will not have an answer to. I mean, logically, it seems so funny that in the 21st century, people still believe in love spells…but then again…when has anyone in love ever believed in logic in the first place?!

Though, one thing is certain…it definitely fuels a person’s dream. That’s a reason why I guess people still try it. I mean…think of it…if I know that I am in love and the person I am in love with, doesn’t want to have any romance in her life, then there I sweet nothing I can do about it besides tell her, do things to prove it and wait! But these love spells pretend to give me the power to get into her mind for a while and change her perception about life, about love and most importantly…about us! By tickling one’s imagination, it gives one an illusion that one can get into the mind of the person he/she loves and be a turbine to propel his/her emotions towards oneself. In spite of all skepticism about its effectiveness, somewhere one wants to believe it works. Because that person means so much that one is ready to do anything to make it work. I have experienced it myself about little t (no, I shall not tell you who little t is because she will understand it when she reads this!).

But at the end one realizes it is crazy. Yes, that is what it is in a nutshell. Crazy. They don’t work. These spells make business by selling hope. That’s what they do. Life survives on hope and so does this. These spells are ubiquitous and nobody wants to believe the fact that they are useless because of hope. Isn’t it strange how we sometimes have faith in such things in spite of all the science around us?! Hmmm…

And if anybody can give me one freaking spell that works then I shall be grateful to the person eternally. C’mon…show me it works. And if you can’t then shut up and sit down (well…you can stand too!). All that’s there are you, your loved one and your capacity to win that person over. Period. Life is no super human story or fairy tale where things happen by themselves. One has to make them happen. What do you say? Though, I secretly (now the secret is open, though) I hope that there is at least one spell that works for Heaven’s sake!

With that hope…now I end because I have to dream for her now. Sorry…dream time is exclusively for her. No visitors allowed. Meanwhile, go see if you discover any spell that works.

Sheesh…some outburst this was! Sometimes, emotions just force themselves out in words. Sorry if it wasn’t interesting. It wasn’t meant to be. I will try making it more interesting to read next time because right now I am writing it for myself. All the best with the hunt though.
See you later everyone (who’s reading this)!



Shahnaaz said...

well maybe you can look up shakespeare...esp MND where the juice of a flower makes a queen fall in love with a are human at least :D must congratulate you for this well researched piece ... and if you happen to find a spell that works then do let me know...would love to hear what its all about :)

Wizard OfCourse said...

well...if i do find a spell that works...then you know who i am going to try it on don't you???

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