Sunday, August 12, 2007


It’s strange. I mean the human race in general. And since I happen to be a part of the same race, I guess I am a little strange too.

Like for example, it is said that one should make hay when the Sun shines but if you actually do that then you are branded an opportunist! And then again…there is so much talk of professionalism in this world but coming to think of it, it is all very much personal at the end of the day. Everything in this whole wide world is based on rapport.
Good personal relations in this world ensure good work too!

To sort out all this confusion in life, I had a chat with God. I was sitting alone in my room when out of the blue He dropped by. It was a little eerie at first. But then we got talking. For him, surprisingly, everything was really simple. But I being a mere mortal of course couldn’t understand His deeper plans! Seemed like a mist to me.

So he sat down to explain the things to me. But even his explanation was at a plane that couldn’t really reach…I could just aspire to. We spoke for a long time. A real long time. He put his viewpoint forward and I put mine in front of him. Apparently, even He has appointments with people. The thing is that He decides whom to meet and when and where. Oh…and He loves coffee by the way!

With that the conversation moved on and somewhere in the middle, I fell asleep. When I woke up He wasn’t around. So I am now waiting for the day when He pays me a visit again!

So till then…



Nivedita said...

and then, as you were sleeping, there was a knock on my door.....
and your visitor was here, with me!! Never thought he would walk in through the door, you know....but then, that was the first lesson I learnt from him: just because you CAN do something does not necessarily mean you should flaunt your power. There's magic in ordinariness, in the common man. And then, He talked to me about my life.....he knew it all. How I was feeling at that point of time, and what I was thinking...then,and previously. And he said: "This is the world taht I created with all my hopes, love and aspirations. And know what? I am extremely proud of what it is today." Lesson number two:" learn and be happy for what you have done till date, for what has been given to you, and for ONCE, quit cribbing about things that have not yet happenned to you. GIVE IT TIME."
And as I sat engrossed in what he said, there was a twinkle in his eyes as he said: " Money and love and peace and success all go hand in hand. Just know how to blend them."
Am perfect(or near perfect) the brew......

nandini.gupta said...

excellent!I am proud of ur writing skill.god bless u! ma

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