Saturday, January 05, 2008

simmering pot...

I am sitting at the airport right now waiting to take my flight to Kolkata. Among the many things that I am doing right now out of sheer boredom, is thinking. And my mind is strange so when I think, naturally the thoughts are equally bizarre! Since it is 3.30 in the morning, a lot of people have decided to park themselves on the chairs and sofas here. Some of them are sound asleep! That made me think. I was thinking about dreams.

It is a weird thing…when one sinks deep into the lap of slumber, the subconscious mind takes over. Abstract thoughts rise and fall, sometimes without us even realizing it! A long and defined dream is rare…at least for me I guess. It is amazing how dreams transport people into a land they haven’t been to before. There are places, people, incidents which might have never happened but still appear during slumber time. The indigenous mind conjures up images rising completely out of figments of imagination. And interestingly, if the dream is about something that has never happened, at least until now, then the faces of people who form a part of that dream are generally blurred or not seen at all! Pretty much like a suspense movie where the identity of the protagonist or antagonist is not revealed until the end. It looks like the viewers will just see the face but then all of a sudden…the scene changes or is cut. The same holds true for dreams too! A glimpse of a hand, clothes, body…but never…or at least rarely the face.

But there is something that is even more difficult to understand. That is, the occurrence of incidents that a person had dreamt about or visit to a certain that appears in a person’s dream but he or she has never been there before! It has happened to me and hence I guess I am all the more freaked out by it. I went to this certain cathedral when I had visited Goa for the first time. Now, since that was my first visit to Goa, needless to say, I had obviously never been to the cathedral before! Still, as soon as I was there, I instinctively knew the way around and which door led to which passage. I know it sounds creepy but I am not making this up. It was absolutely like the cathedral I had seen in my dream! In the dream, I was running away from something and had sought shelter in the cathedral. What I was running away from, where I had come from, where I was headed, who was I in the dream…I know nothing. I just remember having explored the cathedral in the dream and even in reality, it turned out to be absolutely the same! The whole place had a feeling of déja vu. I have heard people say that dream arise from whatever the person thinks about throughout the day or just before falling asleep. Going by that, many times, I tried to think of things consciously just before I fell asleep, but there were times when the dream and what I had thought about had no connection at all! So it is about thinking of something or thoughts popping into the head unknowingly from which these dreams stem?

I am no doctor and neither am I a person who has mastered the art of interpreting dreams. In fact, I don’t even know if every dream has a meaning but the truth is…dreams are, at times, inexplicable! No logic…no reason can fathom the unfathomable depths of the human mind and considering that these dreams arise from this very mind, they are equally mysterious! Tell me, how does one explain a dream where a person sees an unknown entity and finds himself or herself in active conversation (either hostile or pleasant) with that other person?! Now that I have written about these thoughts that were on my mind, I don’t know what I will dream of when I fall asleep next…which maybe on the flight! On a lighter note though, I guess the dream will be pleasant if I fall off to sleep on the flight because I am going to meet little T after a long time and she has been on my mind a lot…both consciously and I am sure…unconsciously. The ceaseless chain reaction of thoughts in my mind is unstoppable but I guess my laptop’s battery doesn’t have enough longevity to keep pace. What I want to say is that the indication of low battery is on and hence I have to end this piece here.

I hope I didn’t scare you with this piece because that wasn’t the intention. I was just documenting what was going on in my little brain. Sorry if I did give you a jolt. Really. Anyway, I hope you liked it and now I shall switch this off and get bored once again, thinking of crazy things. Will be back soon unless, of course, the flight crashes and I perish…

If that be the case then I just want to wish all of you a great Christmas and New year.



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