Friday, January 04, 2008

A mere cog-wheel

It is a huge machine, this thing that I am stuck in the middle of. All I do the whole day, ceaselessly, is rotate. You may miss me effortlessly if you just glance at the machine but hey…look closer…here…on your left bottom corner. I am right here. I exist though I may not be the single most imposing thing in this huge heap of iron and steel. But I want you to know that I do exist.

How long I have been here, I do not remember. How much longer I will be here, I do not know. The only thing I am sure of and the only piece of truth is that right now I am here. Ignored, forgotten, fatigued and unappreciated. That was my life till recently. But one fine day the simmering pot of patience boiled over. It happened when an operator kicked me! I understand that I am made of metal and am seldom noticed but being kicked isn’t the best of feelings.

So I decided to rebel. I stopped rotating. I just stopped. As a result the machine didn’t work any more! Everything came to a standstill. Work froze. Suddenly everybody realized that I existed and all attention was diverted to me. People started fussing over the fact that this little cog-wheel was just not ready to budge. Some even screamed at each other. Sheesh! Humans!

When forcing proved futile, the humans resorted to coaxing and oiling. I love the taste of that delicious machine oil, especially that one that comes in the red bottle and so I wasn’t complaining. A little cog seldom gets a chance to be the center of attention! After I had had my fill of the oil and attention, I decided to give in. It isn’t true when people say that things made of metal are heartless. In fact, that is a blatant lie because we have hearts that are softer than the ones humans have. So I started rotating again and life was back to normal. For a few days, people were careful not to tick me off again but now, once again things are returning to the way they were before the mutiny. Looks like I have to get back to repeating what I did!

I don’t have a problem but there is only one thing that’s bothering me…is a mutiny, a rebellion the only way to make oneself heard loud and clear? If that is true, then it is rather sad, isn’t it? I will leave you to ponder over it in your free time.



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