Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why doesn’t God pay taxes?!

(This piece is not written with the intention of hurting the sentiments of any ethnic group, religion or individual. It does not have any blasphemous intention either. It is just an attempt at harmless humor. Though, if it does hurt anyone’s sentiments or feelings, then I do apologize and before I begin…I would also like to extend the apologies to God himself and hope He takes it with a pinch of salt.)

Once again, my little T forms an inspiration for yet another piece of creative nonsense. An attempt at humor…but pointless nevertheless. The only thing this piece has to offer is a little bit of entertainment to anyone who’s bored in life.

We (little T and me) were talking and during conversation one of us just happened to mention how God must be amused and entertained by our story. And I am sure that ours is not the only story. There must be plenty more across the world that keep Him entertained. “The world is a stage….” this thing written by Shakespeare doesn’t hold so true in anyone else’s case! But then…for such top class entertainment at all times across various genres and time zones…shouldn’t there be an entertainment tax levied on him?! Then again, believers all around the world put forth their offerings in cash and kind to Him and that should attract an income tax, shouldn’t it? I mean…no offence but I am just looking at it from the point of view of a mere mortal who pays his taxes and has seen people pay taxes for income, entertainment and services which are of far inferior quality! Then with just top of line the line stuff…why are the taxes exempted?

The reason I think, is the fact that nobody in any revenue and tax department around the world has the guts to actually send Him summons for evasion of taxes and besides…the other problem is…what address does one send the summons to?! Though suing Him for evading taxes IS a solution since all lawyers apparently reside in the Devil’s domain and Lucifer definitely will be more than willing to help but the risk is that he may ask for the person’s soul in return. Not a cheap bargain now, is it?! In any case, I really don’t think mortals would want to sue God and risk enraging Him.

Hence He remains untouched by law…safe and secure from any legal action. I guess this is just one of the many fringe benefits of being God but I guess considering the amount of hard work that it takes to play God, this kind of leeway can be given. What do you say?


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