Wednesday, November 28, 2007

may he rest in peace

When first I saw him he was

A little fur ball…

Black and white

Drooping ears…a nose so wet

He was named Chess

And as time flew

Into the family and in size

He grew…

Each morning he woke me up

As he snuggled into my blanket

His curly tail wagged with delight

Every time I came home!

With a grin on his face

And undying enthusiasm

He hunted insects…

Or at least tried to.

Corn and mangoes

Where things he loved

Besides chewing on his

Plastic toys…

Unruly he was

A real brat at times

But nonetheless adorable

With mischievous eyes

To spin around

And try to hold his tail

Was how he tried

To express his anger

Home was his kingdom

No part unexplored

He the undisputed king

Loved and pampered by all

But one fine day…

He decided to leave

Everyone stunned…

He left forever…

No time to prepare

For the sudden shock…

Not a chance to see him

For that one last time…

Now as he lies in his grave so deep

I feel he will just jump up barking

Come wagging his tail once again

Or maybe…I will have to just wait

For the truth to sync in…

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