Friday, October 26, 2007

through the woods...

One fine day

I walked through the woods

Knowing not

What lay ahead…

Dry leaves crumpling

Under my feet

The birds chirping

In the trees massive…

Alone I walked

Through those woods

Waiting for someone

To accompany me…

The breeze was pleasant

The sweet scent of the wild

I wanted to lose myself

In the pleasant morn…

On reaching a gurgling brook

I came upon a little princess

Trying to pluck the apples

Off the highest branch…

Captivated I was

By the radiant face

The carefree air

That enveloped her…

As I approached she fled

Scared that I may mean harm

She peeped out

From behind the other tree…

I plucked and apple and

Asked her to take it

Hesitatingly she held out her hand

To take the tempting red apple…

Acquaintance blossomed into love

And now I only pray that

This walk through the woods

Should last to eternity…

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