Thursday, October 25, 2007


That is one word that definitely sums up what life is all about!

I mean, things happen when they are least expected and it is good to know that things are looking up!

One thing that really adds to life is to have someone special…someone whom one can hold and talk to when things seem to go awry and nothing seems to work. With all due gratitude to God, I have found that person and I truly believe that anyone who finds the right person in life is extremely lucky because more than half the people across the world spend more than half their lives to find that right person and by the time they find the person, it is too late! Sometimes, that might even happen posthumously!

But for me, life has always had surprises in store and the biggest and the most pleasant is, was and will be her. She came in like that light at the end of the tunnel just when I had begun to think that I will never get out of there…

She reinstated my belief in live, love and things that are nice and coveted by all of us. At least, most of us. Sometimes she in my arms and sometimes, she is physically away from me but in the center of my heart, she always has her abode. And for the first time, I feel anchored to the shore. The feeling, needless to say, is marvelous and I want to cherish it till the last day I live. I had always heard that being in love was wonderful but for the first time, I am experiencing it myself.

Trust me, all those people who haven’t felt it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing out on in life. So take my advice, go out there and if there is someone whom you want to say something to then just say it out loud. Nothing works as good as saying things clearly and openly. Believe me, it will work, just like it did for me.

When that happens, do not forget to celebrate because if you do not celebrate when life gives you an opportunity to, then who knows…you might just run out of chances!

Ok? So go on and tell me how things went!


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