Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The first real love story I watched unfold

You know, love stories don’t always have happy, blissful endings. Sometimes, they leave you in tears with a broken heart and shattered hopes. You find yourself losing faith in love as a concept. In such a situation, it’s immensely helpful to watch a close friend’s love story unfold, day by day, and reach a successful conclusion. That’s pretty much how it was for me.

His name is Abhishek. Hers is Nidhi. And as of today, they’re married. Happily so, touch wood. Me? Well, I am still reeling from the occasional pain of the broken heart. But this is their story. Not mine.

Five years ago, I bumped into Abhishek at rehearsal. A week after meeting him I met his then-girlfriend-now-wife Nidhi. It’s said that opposites attract and these two stood as the archetype of that concept. While Abhishek is the quintessentially short fused mammoth, Nidhi has an air of stability and calmness about her. He’s the reactor, she’s the pacifier. When I met them, they had already been dating for 6 years. I often wondered why she was seeing him. But as we all became close like a family, I could see why. Without each other, they were incomplete. Every time they fought, I saw them itching to make up. Not that it stopped them from fighting.

Trouble was; Abhishek’s family members were staunch believers in astrological predictions, given their experiences in the past. And that prediction said that their wedding would destroy Abhishek. The frustration of disapproval trickled into their relationship, leading to frequent quarrels. Often, he would call me, drive down inebriated and rant on about how he was miserable because Nidhi didn’t understand his dilemma and difficulty. The rants lasted anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour and a half. The next day, however, invariably, I was sworn to silence.

That isn’t to say that Nidhi didn’t have her moments and though I was witness to it far less than I was to Abhishek’s, on occasion, she would bring up her frustrations with the relationship having reached a stalemate. She would be irritable, demanding and obstinate. Once, they argued with such ferocity that by the end of it, Abhishek’s phone lay shattered on the ground and Nidhi could be heard crying on the other end from about 5 feet away. I thought it was over. It wasn’t.

A year after this incident, and after a lot of encores, he managed to convince his father and a wedding date was picked. Great!

But as luck would have it, the morning of the wedding, the open air venue looked more like a reservoir, thanks to torrential rains the night before. Given the urgency, patience was in short supply. While he was scouting venues with us, Nidhi was busy handling the relatives. Finally, a venue was booked at 4 PM, the decorations were done in 2 hours flat and the wedding concluded at midnight, ushering in a happy climax.

On most days, that still gives me a glimmer of hope.

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