Sunday, February 17, 2008


There is a girl in my office. Well, nothing unusual about a girl in the office. But this girl is different. Her wax statue should be put up in Madame Tussauds (can you see the sarcasm in the statement?). She’s one of a kind. And allow me to now launch into a tirade about what sets her apart. I hope it will be a nice read, even if it doesn’t throw you off your chair laughing.

Now, no names to be taken, ok? So, here it goes.
First her habit of nose digging is endless. I wonder sometimes, what is that she is looking for in there? And it isn’t just me. Other people in the office are equally perplexed. A nose definitely isn’t the best place to bury a treasure. Or maybe she was an archeologist in her previous birth! Possibilities are endless, so lets not get there. I don’t want to gross you out.
Moving on, there is so much space between her ears (thanks to the absence of the brain) that half of the city’s population can live there if she starts leasing that space out. I guess the authorities should take notice of this. Does she pay her property taxes? To add to everyone’s misery she has the capability to nag people to death. Or almost to death. And I guess she’s never heard that there are medicines to cure people scratching problems cause she keeps scratching the unmentionables to no end.

Well, that permanent scowl on her face makes her look constipated. Or maybe she actually suffers from the problem. The other day she fell flat on all fours while walking around the office. Sad. I know. It might have broken the floor tiles!

Now it may sound like I am really biased against her nut it isn’t just me. It’s a lot of other people in the office. The reason is simple. She works at her own pace and expects everyone to do the same. Sorry, not possible. No matter what time she comes in, at 6, she’s out while we slog our behinds off to ensure that the work quality doesn’t suffer. She seems to forget that I am a copywriter and my partner is an art director. There is a little difference between us and operators. Her favourite request is: please change this oen word in the line. I mean, really, writing isn’t just about stringing words together. But that point seems to miss her by miles!

Well, I just hope God knocks enough sense in her head so that she doesn’t drive me and the others in the office to the brink of insanity!

Well, I will make a move now.



Shahnaaz said...

that IS freaky...did think of visiting ur office maybe some...but having major second thoughts now :D
poor child...somebody take her to a doc...both for mind and body :P

Wizard OfCourse said...

i couldn't agree more princess :-D


Anonymous said...

i can soooooooooooo well identify with this weird lady in your office..we too have female clients like her trust me ..............
i love this .....

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