Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ideating mode...(Do Not Disturb Mode)

I am back!
Yeah, I know it has been a while but then now I AM back. Now, here is news. I have switched jobs from the biggest events company to the biggest TV network. Lots of reasons that went in to changing places of work but then…let it be for now.

As of now I was thinking on making a little film (I mean really little because so far, I am a little guy) on the effects of global warming. I am planning to focus on the effect of heat on things. And for demonstrating the example, I was thinking of showing a little boy who’s concentrating the rays of the Sun on a sheet of paper, with a magnifying glass, on which the globe is drawn. The camera zooms in through the magnifying glass, close to the paper and smoke starts rising from the paper. After a second, the paper catches fire. And the globe which is drawn on it, burns. Then there is a voice over which says: “heat destroys everything indiscriminately. It will soon burn the entire globe if you don’t stop global warming now”. All the while that the voice over goes on the camera focuses steadily on the sheet of paper which continues burning till the entire globe turns into ashes. Then, text appears at random on screen which gives statistics of how many people have died in heat waves across the world in the past decade. Trust me, the stats are horrifying! 35000 people died in Europe in one year. Many more across the world!

Now…I am storming my head for a few more ideas. And I need to take your leave. So…till I put in my other ideas and tell you what’s happening, please please please do tell me if this one is good or not. And please be honest about it! Ok?



Neha said...

Hey,good idea.And good topic too.
This is Neha here.I want to ask u a couple of questions about CCC.Could you give me your messenger id/email id/phone no.
Asap please cause I need to answer them.

Wizard OfCourse said... do u expect me to get in touch with u?? i mean...i don't know u...i don't have ur i.d. or number or anything. number is 9999476466. it's a delhi number. :-)

Sudha said...

Hmm...I'm going to give you my real honest opinion since you asked for it:

Personally, I dunno...the idea is okay, but it could be more original. It seems a bit overused, and believe me, I feel almost 90% sure I've seen this before in some cartoon or other (Popeye, if I'm not mistaken!) so you need to think of another one.

Do you have any more ideas? Would be happy to play 'idea doctor' to you.

After all, you know how I love critiquing. ;)