Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The roller coaster called life

After a long break I am back yet again to chew your brains! Sorry dear readers! Now, natural questions that will probably follow are questions like where was I all this while?! What have I been up to and stuff like that.
I said probably because not everyone essentially will ask me these questions right?!

Now…I graduated with a silver medal and landed a job. And a good one at that. So all those people who thought I could do nothing…yes I will enjoy seeing you eat your words. Munch munch…

Anyway…right now, I am in Delhi…the capital of India. Hehe…like you didn’t know! And it’s past 11 in the night and I am sitting here getting audio visuals made for a client of my company. The thought just occurred to me…why are these called audio visuals and not visual audios because technically, light travels faster than sound and hence visuals should come first! Yeah, I know…English is a pretty weird language and hence the terminology is a little weird. I now I am harping on the same strings that have been harped upon by plenty. But you see, it’s late at night and creativity isn’t really seeping through my brain right now! But at the same time, I don’t know when will I ever have the pleasure of indulging myself in the pleasure of blogging during the day!

Coming back, I am in Delhi and have been here for almost three months. Life is running at the speed of a thunderbolt and I am trying to hold on…
Days pass…tempers fly…deadlines get lethal but life…life doesn’t stop! Zooming through the lanes of life I catch glimpses of the past and the present. One fading out as the other rapidly fills it’s space. Like shoving the other into non existence. I am not making much sense now, am i? but then…pray tell me…when have I ever made absolute sense?! And I bet that not even half the people reading this can crack a joke on themselves.

Met quite a few interesting people while I have been working and it’s nice to get to know more people because that pulls one out of one’s previous life. Lots of new names to mention on a blog page. Friends, acquaintances and lots of other people. And two months into my new job and I already have a couple of more job offers! Now, where are those people who are eating their words?! U full or want another helping?! Hehe…I can be pretty mean isn’t it?! My bike is back on road and the rides to and fro are fun, though tiring.

And I have already done weird things like taking pictures of my first salary cheque and going on a spend spree once it was cashed. But then…as one of my friends said…the dust has settled down and now the road is clear. Life is fun, though home food is a vital ingredient missing in the daily course. And for a hog like me….it’s painful!

Ok…I have to go and look at what work has been done so far so I will be off…and besides…I need to reserve a few things to ramble on about, right?!

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